May 26, 2016

Your Lifestyle

We are all looking for new ways to maintain and develop our lives. Whether it is through finding new, easier, more time efficient ways to clean our homes or better improve our health and fitness, lifestyle development is a major component of our lives, even if we don’t recognize it.There are a number of components that fall under the lifestyle category, and our website hopes to appeal to each one. Here are just a few of the topics we touch on and what we can do to help you enhance that area of your life.
Style and Fashion

Our readers like to stay ahead on the latest trends and fashions. From analyzing the various outfits on the most recent red carpet or putting together new outfit inspirations for you to wear to work, we like to keep our readers looking their best.Our style and fashion articles appeal to both men and women and of all ages.

From checking out the most adorable baby clothing line to work outfits for the business leader and back to the busy mom wanting to look human again, we provide articles and blog posts to keep you feeling confident.

Health and Fitness

Maintaining proper health and fitness practices is incredibly important. Whether you’ve been working out for years and just want to switch things up a bit or you’re just deciding to start your fitness journey, we can provide resources and articles to help you along your path.We also look at the health aspect of getting healthy. From the diets that aren’t worth your time to the vegetables you need to be sure to incorporate into your diets, we want to help our readers be as healthy as possible.

Food and Beverages
More than just being healthy, we like to share recipes that taste great. We consider the various food intolerances that are out there and look to find ways to create family favorites that the entire family can eat.We also like to provide our readers with cool, different recipes to use at parties. From themed-related cocktails and appetizers to full Thanksgiving meals, we share a variety of recipes to fit everything from your everyday needs to your special events needs.

Relationships and Family

Our relationships are incredibly important but maintaining them can be difficult when things get rough. Our site hopes to provide blog posts and articles that look into the various kinds of relationships, including friendships, romantic relationships, and relationships with family members.

We hope to help individuals through difficult times with their relationships and help them to identify what is normal, what isn’t, and when it is time to end a relationship. We want to help our readers make new friends, keep their old friends, and find content and happiness with the relationships in their life.

These are just a few of the many topics that fall under the lifestyle umbrella. While each of these topics may appear separated from the other, they all come together to create a happy and balanced life. We share new articles and blog posts all the time, so you can constantly work to improve yourself and your lifestyle.Whether you’re looking for articles on health and fitness, organization, food and beverages, or style and fashion, this is the place for you.

Cold Whiskey

When it comes to whiskey, there is a lot to think about. Whiskey is a distilled beverage that has seen an increase of people that say it is their cocktail of choice. Age and other factors can determine the flavor profile of a whiskey. Here are the main types of whiskey that you should try.

Scotch whiskey comes in several varieties. Single malt scotch is made from a single type of grain whereas other scotch whiskeys can be made from multiple grain types.

Some scotches are blended from different distillers to make different types of scotch with unique flavor profiles. Blending is important because it gives the distiller more control over the final product. Scotch comes from Scotland originally but is made throughout the UK. The flavor of Scotch usually has a pronounced peat taste.

Perhaps the most widely drank and known whiskey is bourbon from the Southern United States. Bourbon is made from a variety of malted grains and then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years. Many bourbons are aged for much longer. Over time, high-quality bourbons develop notes of vanilla and smoothness that is much sought after. During aging the barrels lose some of their volumes, so they are topped off which further concentrates flavor to some degree.
Corn Whiskey
The popularity of pure corn whiskey is at least partially due to television and the image of the moonshiner as an American outlaw. Corn whiskey is made from malted corn and distilled to create a clear whiskey that can be very strong if not cut with water significantly. Better corn whiskey goes through multiple distillations to achieve a very pure and desirable product.
Some whiskeys that are popular have flavors added to them to make them more appealing to a wider audience of whiskey drinkers. Cinnamon, honey, apple, and blackberry are all some of the flavors that you can find at your local liquor store.

Blended Whiskeys
Whiskeys are often blended to create a more uniform product for the mass market. Some higher end whiskeys can also be blends, but they are of course blends of premium whiskeys from master distillers. Scotch whiskey is a perfect example of blending and what it can do for enhancing desirable flavors and downplaying any that customers may not like so much.

Whiskey can be served a variety of ways. Many whiskey enthusiasts prefer to drink high-quality distillations over ice or with just a little bit of still or sparkling water.


Whiskey tasting allows us to bring you the best reviews in the industry so you can make the most informed whiskey decisions possible. If you have the chance to attend a tasting, it is highly recommended because you will have an opportunity to try many different types without having to purchase whole bottles of whiskey you are not sure about. Tastings are a great way to meet other whiskey fans and discuss what makes a great drink.

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